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Rates & Services

Vacation visit - $20.00

30 minute visit, Includes all complimentary services listed below.

Individual Midday Walk - starting at 18.00

30 minute visit, discount rate applies to Monday through Friday daily visits. 

Holidays - $27.00

Holidays include: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Thursday/Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve.

*New clients must schedule a meet 'n greet at least two weeks prior to an upcoming holiday. Package prices do not apply during above holidays.

Walking Packages

Weekly Midday Walk Package - $90.00

One 30 minute midday visit per day. Five consecutive days required. This amounts to $18.00 per visit, a savings of $2.00 per visit over the individual pricing. Includes all complimentary services listed below.

Vacation Packages:

Individualized packages customized to your needs for vacation or travel which include watering plants, checking mail, adjusting draperies and lighting to afford your home a "lived in" look in addition to caring for your pets.

Complimentary Services

These are services that are included in all services above with the exception of Express Potty visits.

* Text/e-mail update - Providing a quick report on your pet.

* Daily "pet report card" which gives a more detailed report.

* Water refill and feeding

* Winter & rain wipe-down - towel dry fur and wipe paws clean.

* Playtime & Socialization - Giving lots of love, attention and play.

* Administering Oral Medications

* Mail Retrieval (vacations)

* Adjusting lighting and blinds to afford an occupied appearance (Vacations)

* Put out and bring in trash cans (Vacations)

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